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Painting with light

In this photograph we used Christmas lights. The reason why I chose this photo because it looks like Maria holding an energetic ball and also look like a question mark. I like how the photographer made the model blurry and … Continue reading

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Portrait Lighting

I really love this photo that I took of one of classmate . It’s a show silhouette of the side of her face. The light background gave the photo more depth and contrast. The flow of the photo is interesting. … Continue reading

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Stuffed Animal’s Emotion

I choose this Photo of one of classmate’s stuffed animal because I like how the light is directing the left side of the doll face. This photograph shows a depressed emotion and letting the doll hair down really showed a … Continue reading

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Exhibit Review

The trip to the Museum of the City of New York, the class visited two exhibits. One was called “Interior Lives Contemporary Photographs of Chinese New Yorkers” and the second was “ Through a different lens ” exhibit. The interior … Continue reading

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Portraits Lightning

In his photo that I took of Maria, we made her sit on a ledge outside. When I was taking this photo, I’ve made the background blurry and focus on her face and her upper body with AV. I use … Continue reading

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Motion Blur and Frozen Motion

This photo show a frozen motion blur because the 2 girls are frozen while you see the leaves are falling which is showing movement. Shutter speed was 1/5.0.   This photo show motion blur because it shows how fast my … Continue reading

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Rule of thirds & Patterns

This photo that I’ve taken show the Rule of thirds because the camera is focus on many things. If you add a grid on to this photo each column will have a object inside. This photo shows a pattern between … Continue reading

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LL: Cemetery Trip(Perspective and Depth of Field)

This is can be a shallow depth of field because the camera main focus in on the yellow flower while the rest of the background is blurry. This is an example of perspective because the further I am the stairs  … Continue reading

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Flower lighting

The lighting is front lighting.

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Ruimel LL2 – Composition and Camera Angle

This photo that I’ve taken was in a diagonal angle. The contrast was between light to dark. Light on top and dark on bottom. This camera shot was an medium shot. Viewpoint is eye-level.

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