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Light Painting

Like chose this image because I like the concept of this picture. It is easy to understand this picture like what is she doing. Isa took this picture and I did the light painting.

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Pose: 3/4 Lighting: Broad Light Photographer: Palden Gyamtso 

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Light Emotional

This was meant to be feared, most people can know but some I’m sure can’t. So, the doll has happy emotional in her face and it’s hard for us to make it fearful therefore we played with light to make … Continue reading

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The trip to the Museum of the City of New York, the class visited 2 exhibits. One was called “Interior Lives Contemporary Photographs of Chinese New Yorkers”  are photographs by Thomas Holton, Annie Ling, and An Rong Xu. The exhibit … Continue reading

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Motion Frozen and Motion Blur

My Motion Frozen. All the leaves are still on the air and it shows the Motion Frozen My Motion Blur In this picture, I chose to make all the basket player are a blur but not the basket backboard because it helps … Continue reading

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Exposure- The Rule Of Third  Exposure- Pattern

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Perspective and Depth of Field

Perspective   Depth of Field

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Classwork 2 / lighting angel

The light is at right side. Bird’s eye view, High angle, Leading Line, Medium shot, from with frame, and perspectives.

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LL2 / Palden

One of my favorite picture that I took today this one because you can easily know the main focus in the picture and who made this sunglasses. Also its really simple picture and easily to understand it.       … Continue reading

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Homework #1

Matthew Pillsbury was born in Neuilly, France, 1973, received his B.A. in 1995 from Yale University, and his MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York in 2004. He currently lives in New York. His images are consistently … Continue reading

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