Robin Michals | COMD 1340 Photography 1

final project statement and mood board

For this project I have decided to go with something a little different, and that are 3 command malls. Queen center mall, Green acres mall and Roosevelt field mall are the most attracted malls that people go to for shopping. Over time these malls have attracted different sets of crowds from younger to older people. Each mall has its own pace and variety of stores and people. The mall is somewhere that I find myself going to a lot when I’m stressed and have free time. The mall various amount of lighting and shadows coming from all over. The mall is an unpredictable place it can either be very crowded or very empty. This place is a somewhere that you can enjoy alone or to go hang out with friends and family. I feel that going to 3 different places would show how different each environment are for them. I would like to try to capture some most common stores that either really busy and/or empty I would use a higher shutter speed to capture the peoples movements. I can take long shots to capture a store or the hall. I would also like to play around with the exposure to see how the pictures will come out knowing that there’s a lot of light coming from most places.

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  1. rmichals

    Malls can be a good subject. You only submitted one photo for inspiration.

    Take a look at these photos of the Essex Market. Think about the variety that you see here from a close up of some fish to portraits of some of the people working there as well as some long shots that tell us where we are.

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