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My final project Statement/Mood board

For my final project, my theme is toy photography. Within a dimly lit room, I will use it as a controlled setting for lighting to create certain emotions to drive scenes I want to make with my figures.

 I liked a number of the labs we’ve done throughout the semester but if I were to choose I liked the ones where we had to show the deposition of the people or objects we photographed using lighting to display a feeling the most. toy photography. I will be using a dark room, a white wall or background, and LEDs to try to give a sense of movement and living.

I would also like to experiment with whether or not I should keep it being only a dimly lit room for my studio, and if I should expand to also taking my photos at night in outside settings like parks and restaurants within my area to show more of an adventurous side to the scenes I want to set up with my figurines akin to the photographers I will be referencing below.

 I will also be using the rule of thirds, leading lines, and Figure-to-ground techniques to help push the sense of movement and direction I want my viewer to see. Since I had a bit of trouble with using the lights during the lab we had been using gels and stuffed animals I found it intriguing enough to take another look at it and see if I can grow from the mistakes I made during it. The use of leading lines and figure-to-ground will aid with the clarity of my images so they would be less likely to come out as a blurry mess and the direction in which I want the viewer to process my photos though I do feel I may still struggle with the lights.

Jared Middleton

Mitchel Wu

David Levinthal




Final Project Statement and Mood Board.

My final project is all about lighting for mood.Throughout the semester lighting for mood has been my favorite topic so far.I like how we were able to create the mood, tone and feeling of something that has no feeling.Things such as stuffed animals and toys.I will be using a table and white background in my home as a “studio” and small table lamps for my front, side and back light.I will also be using a variety of stuffed animals. My goal for this project is to create a theme or a story just by using different lighting quality, direction and color.

Below are some examples of what I will be going for.

Final Project Statement and Mood Board 

For my final project, I would like to focus on a series of portraits that display the people I interact with every day. In addition, I would like to represent the people I see. I would like to include my coworkers in the portraits because they have an outstanding look that an average person would not have daily such as eyebrow piercing and face tattoos. Also, I will be taking a trip to Puerto Rico, and I want to take a portrait of people that I will be interacting with during my trip. For my coworkers, I will capture them in their workplace or take them outdoors to get indirect lighting. For Puerto Rico, I would like to display the various people that live in Puerto Rico. I will be capturing their photos outside or inside their workplace.  







Final Project Statement and Mood Board

For my final project, I am preferring to do my own theme. My theme will be Transit Subways Scapes.

My favorite interest for this project is rule of thirds and depth of field. Rules of thirds will look great on my subjects because it focuses on the subject while having a scenery background for the subject. Depth of field is useful towards subways and buses scapes. For example, I can shoot a subway photo in an above ground station. With the depth of field I can zoom in the train and having a focus of the train along the other subway cars following behind it.  If I would shoot an underground station with the train coming in, I will need to adjust the exposure of the camera to have a better light quality.

Sometimes, we do not appreciate public transit as much as for commuters. I think personally, I like public transit. There are some underrated beauty of the subway that commuters miss most of the time. It doesn’t matter where you are late to work or going somewhere to be. We are all riding the same subway car.

We all have almost the same story as commuters to get to our place and we have to look back at it. We are all there to have something to get to our destination alive. Trains come and go to our daily lives that we have something productive to do in our lives.

My photography shoots will be taken most of them in a above ground station because of the scenery that the trains go through. I will be going through different boroughs of NYC to look for places that have a fantastic scenery along with it.


Photo 1 – James Maher

Photo 2 = Emma Taggart

Photo 3 – Jeenah Moon

Photo 4 – Gary Hershorn

Photo 5 –  Osugi

Photo 6 – Chris Hondros

Subway System Photography Tour - New York Photographer Guide

Interview: Street Photography Series Captures New York Subway Life


An empty subway car in New York on June 30, 2022.


Man dies after getting dragged by New York City subway train onto tracks  and being hit by another train

M train


Morning Brief: Why Do U.S. Subways Still Have Drivers? | Council on Foreign  Relations

Final Project Statement and Mood Board

In my final project, I aim to craft a visual narrative encapsulating the nuances of a day’s life. The theme revolves around capturing the ordinary yet extraordinary moments unfolding within the confines of my residence and the diverse locales I traverse throughout the day. Through a deliberate interplay of exposure, light quality, and direction.

The subject matter is the ephemerality of daily existence – the routines, the transitions, and the subtle beauty hidden in plain sight. The canvas for my visual exploration spans the familiar spaces of my home to the dynamic environments encountered in daily travels.

I plan to shoot throughout the day, from the soft hues of dawn to the warm glow of midday, capturing the play of light as it evolves with the passage of time. This temporal exploration will infuse the narrative with a sense of rhythm, emphasizing the inherent changes in mood and atmosphere throughout the day.

Key to my storytelling will be the deliberate use of exposure to convey the varying intensities of light. Whether highlighting the gentle morning light casting long shadows or embracing the warm embrace of evening glow, exposure settings will be meticulously chosen to evoke the temporal nuances.

Light quality, another crucial element, will be harnessed to infuse scenes with visual drama. From the diffused light streaming through windows in my home to the dramatic interplay of light and shadow in external environments, each frame will be a careful orchestration of the available light.

Directional light will serve as a guiding force, shaping the viewer’s perception and emphasizing the unique character of each moment. Techniques such as playing with depth of field and selecting perspectives will contribute to the overall narrative, inviting viewers to witness the beauty inherent in the ordinary aspects of daily life.

Through this project, I wanted to show the everyday things that come up in my life.


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