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Final Project Statement and Mood Board

For my final project, I am preferring to do my own theme. My theme will be Transit Subways Scapes.

My favorite interest for this project is rule of thirds and depth of field. Rules of thirds will look great on my subjects because it focuses on the subject while having a scenery background for the subject. Depth of field is useful towards subways and buses scapes. For example, I can shoot a subway photo in an above ground station. With the depth of field I can zoom in the train and having a focus of the train along the other subway cars following behind it.  If I would shoot an underground station with the train coming in, I will need to adjust the exposure of the camera to have a better light quality.

Sometimes, we do not appreciate public transit as much as for commuters. I think personally, I like public transit. There are some underrated beauty of the subway that commuters miss most of the time. It doesn’t matter where you are late to work or going somewhere to be. We are all riding the same subway car.

We all have almost the same story as commuters to get to our place and we have to look back at it. We are all there to have something to get to our destination alive. Trains come and go to our daily lives that we have something productive to do in our lives.

My photography shoots will be taken most of them in a above ground station because of the scenery that the trains go through. I will be going through different boroughs of NYC to look for places that have a fantastic scenery along with it.


Photo 1 – James Maher

Photo 2 = Emma Taggart

Photo 3 – Jeenah Moon

Photo 4 – Gary Hershorn

Photo 5 –  Osugi

Photo 6 – Chris Hondros

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An empty subway car in New York on June 30, 2022.


Man dies after getting dragged by New York City subway train onto tracks  and being hit by another train

M train


Morning Brief: Why Do U.S. Subways Still Have Drivers? | Council on Foreign  Relations


  1. rmichals

    The subway is a great theme. Another reason to shoot on an overground line is that there is more light. You picked some interesting photos. All of them except for the 2nd have a strong sense of deep space.

    Look at these photos of the subway shot by Brice Davidson in the 1980s. There is a lot of variety here. Note he too has a shot of a conductor.

  2. Esayas Cohn

    For this project I decided my theme and main point of view would be the neighborhood I grew up in. Since I could remember as a baby I’ve lived in Brooklyn, specifically Fort Greene and so this is where my photographs will take place. My goal is to show the area for how it is today, and while there are some new aspects I show I definitely want to reveal some of the more classic core parts attached to my childhood and memory. The styles I am looking to achieve mainly are both leading lines; which for my area I will use to my advantage. It may be because that just happens to be the lens I look through on my own however there are prominent leading lines I can use that help elude to my view of my childhood home. Second thing I would love to include are the rule of thirds.

    James Maher

    Aaron bunge

    Lukas Petereit

    Kacie Nelson

    Nicolas Miller

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