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Type Challenge – Typeface Selection


Type Challenges are design assignments and discussions

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will reinforce the typographic principles of the course through observation and critiques  of current
  • Challenges are paired with projects and course assignments thought the semester. They are structured to be completed in class within specific time and design guidelines.


  • Set your name in these case configurations:
    Your Name
    your name
  • Using InDesign or any other application to create an 11×17 document
  • .5″ margins
  • Insert one text box with three columns.
  • Make copies of the words you typed in the previous step going through your font list from top to bottom, and applying any that seem
  • You’ll come across clear and expected winners, and other times you’ll discover unexpected choices that offer themselves irresistibly well to what you’re designing. Keep moving on to additional possibilities.
  • Search through your font menu to see which ones might work best You should have 40 or more typeface variations
  • Create a new post named “Last Name_First_Name_ TC_TSS
  • Give it categories “Student Post Type Challenge” “Type Challenge – Typeface Selection”
  • Save your work as jpg named: “Last Name_First_Name_ TC_TS.jpg”. Insert jpg INTO your post.
  • Comment on at least one other students work.  Try to give your assessment in terms of what is working or not clear. “loving or “liking” or “being blown away” by work is OK but not helpful. What and why the work is successful and what is not working is key in refining and improving work 

Due Date(s)

  • Specified time or 11:30PM the night before next class


  • Add assignment resources or readings