Name That Type – Discussion Activity Guide

Faculty: This  post  provides listing Name That Type Discussions. It uses the category β€œName That Type Discussion” and can be found under Activities in the site menu. Use the suggested outline below to structure your assignment posts.


Live  Game  and Discussion about Typography

Students will comment in live synchronous class discussions to try and identify or answer questions related to posted in class content. This is part of  class participation grade.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will reinforce the typographic principles of the course through observation and critiques  of current work examples in typographic industry.
  • Students will develop  type identifications skills
  • Students will develop an awareness of typography history general typographic knowledge


  1.  Students will comment during live synchronous class sessions and or critique work as per instructions in  Name That Type OpenLab posts

Due Date

  • Live synchronous class participation


  • Add assignment resources or readings


Name That Type – Discussion Template

Name That Type – LSO logo Discussion What year was the First Sans Serif typeface designed

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