Pop culture is killing writing by Bronwyn T. Williams

Pop culture isn’t killing writing, matter of fact its helping it grow in many different ways. Writing tells stories and gives information through the articles and letters it gives adding pop culture into the writing would help inform people on what goes on in the world daily due to the fact pop culture is based on media and it can shown through out the whole world and get more information thrown around. According to the text many may argue ” Students who read to many comics, watch to much television or play to many games, according to this narrative will produce naive, emotional writing that is riddled with errors”. In my opinion I disagree with this statement because this will give a writer more of an imagination to expand on what they are writing to further bring in a viewer of reader because the article won’t be bland or boring. In the text the author makes a very important statement saying that we read unfamiliar genres to practice and gain the experience through them to help us with our writing and help us make our writing stronger to gain the readers attention and I 100% agree with his thought.

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  1. Rebekah Coleman

    Elijah! Great! In fact, the author agrees with you! He thinks that Pop Culture HELPS student writing! He thinks that when students read and write, even popular culture genres, it makes them better readers and writers!

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