Category: Major Assignments

In this course, you will compile a 6,000 word portfolio that is composed of 3 major projects and one final reflection. I will provide a brief description of each of the projects below and provide you with a much more in-depth overview of the assignments throughout the course!

Project 1: Crafting a Literacy Narrative
A literacy narrative tells the story of the development of a person as a reader and writer. It may capture important pieces of the author’s identity, struggles, turning points, or people who influenced them.

You will craft a literacy narrative of at least 1000 words. The narrative should depict a moment that captures an important element of your life with a focus on the development of your reading or writing identity.

You will not tell the whole story of your life, but rather present a slice of your life. You will focus on one or two key events, moments, people, etc. that influenced the development of your literacy identity. The narrative should tell a personal story about your experience as a reader and a writer.

Project 2: Rhetorically Analyzing Our Research
You will research a topic, find 4 sources on the topic in at least 3 different genres, and present your research to the class (in a synchronous meeting, if possible). You will write a rhetorical analysis of the 4 different sources on your topic, focusing on how the different genres present the research on the problem/ solution connected to your topic. Each rhetorical analysis should be at least 300 words. The final project should be at least 1200 words and include the 4 Rhetorical Analyses, an introduction, and conclusion.

Project 3: Writing in a New Genre
You will write a piece using the research you complied in Unit 2. You will choose ONE of the GENRES that you researched in Unit 2 to use as a guide for writing YOUR OWN PIECE! You will also write an artist or author’s statement! Combined the two pieces must be at least 1800 words!

Unit 4: Final Portfolio
Your final portfolio will be a showcase of the work you have completed in class so far. It must have at least 6,000 words. It will include the following items:
Project 1: 10%
Project 2: 15%
Project 3: 15%
Final Reflection: 10%
Units 1 and 2 Reflections and any favorite additional pieces: 10%
One example of your revision process (a draft)