All Readings and Assignments are DUE on the day they are listed. This syllabus may change. Any changes made to the following schedule will be announced on OpenLab. It is your responsibility to keep up with all announced changes.

If you would prefer a downloadable version of the syllabus, you may download it here:

Fall 2020-Syllabus ENG 1101, Section 0156

Week 1

Wed. August 26                        Unit 1: The Literacy Narrative

Introduction to the course, review of syllabus, review of Week 1 PowerPoint

Weekly Assignment (Due Monday, September 31st)

  • Read “All Writing Is Autobiography” by Donald Murray, write a response on OpenLab
  • Technology Survey


Literacy narrative, writing in response to reading, genre, writing identity

Week 2

Mon. Aug. 31                                    Unit 1: The Literacy Narrative                                               

Wed. Sept. 2

Project 1 assigned, discussion of Murray reading                                              

Weekly Assignment

  • Read “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan, write a response on OpenLab
  • Reading/ Writing Identity Survey
  • Week 2 PowerPoint and Activities

Topics: Narrative techniques, sentencing, written vs. spoken English, short form writing (Micro Autobiography), genre 

Week 3

Wed. Sept. 9                                                Unit 1: The Literary Narrative

Planning, drafting Project 1, discussion of “Mother Tongue,” “Five Reasons Why People Code Switch” by Matt Thompson”

Weekly Assignment

  • Read My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant” by Antonio Vargas, write a response on OpenLab
  • **Draft of Project 1 Due Sept 16th***
  • Week 3 PowerPoint and Activities

Topics: Genre/ audience/ purpose, getting started/ writer’s block, paragraphing, code switching


Week 4

Mon. Sept. 14                    Unit 1: The Literacy Narrative

Wed. Sep. 16.                                                                                                   

**Draft of Project 1** DUE Monday, Sept. 21** DATE CHANGE!!

*Wednesday Section: Small Group Peer Review

Revising vs. editing, discussion of “My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant,” in weekly PowerPoint read and discuss “Shitty First Drafts” by Anne Lamont

Weekly Assignment

  • Read “Learning to Read” by Malcolm X and write a response on OpenLab
  • Week 4 PowerPoint and Activities
  • Unit 1 Reflection Assigned (250 Words)

Topics: Revising/ Editing, Reflection

Week 5

Mon. Sep. 21                    Unit 2: Research and Inquiry         

Wed. Sep 23

Discuss reading, define and explore Project 2 assigned, choose topics, discuss “The Place Where We Dwell” by Gang Starr

Weekly Assignment

  • Read Wikipedia Pops Up in Bibliographies” by Larry Gordon and write response on OpenLab
  • Week 5 PowerPoint and Activities
  • Final Project 1 Due TUESDAY Sept 29th, Unit 1 Reflection Due                                   

Topics: Topic choice, primary/ secondary sources

Week 6

**Tues. Sept 29                    Unit 2: Research and Inquiry

Wed. Sept. 30                                                                           

**Final Project 1 Due TUESDAY Sept 29th** Introduction to research process, research questions, search terms 

Weekly Assignment

  • Read “Is Google Making Us Stupid” by Nicholas Carr and write response on OpenLab
  • Week 6 PowerPoint/ Video and Activities
  • Find 1 to 2 sources for Project 2. Prepare to share key information (that will be provided to you closer to the date) them on Monday, October 5th during synchronous class meeting time or via OpenLab.                                                                                

Topics: Merging information from multiple sources, research and inquiry, techniques for finding primary sources

Week 7

Mon. Oct. 5                              Unit 2: Research and Inquiry

Wed. Oct. 7

**Note** Library Research will be covered this week. Try to make synchronous meeting times. Mon. will be whole group session. Wed. will be individual/ small group times to discuss research on topics.

Introduction to a rhetorical analysis, discussion of your sources (be prepared to share at least 1 of your sources with the class), source credibility

Weekly Assignment:

  • Read Wikipedia Pops Up in Bibliographies” by Larry Gordon and write a response on OpenLab
  • Week 7 PowerPoint/ Video and Activities
  • Draft of at least 1 rhetorical analysis
  • Find all 4 sources

Topics: Paraphrasing, synthesizing, evaluating, analyzing sources


Week 8

Wed. Oct. 14                    Unit 2: Research and Inquiry         


Discuss key elements of a rhetorical analysis, review how, when to cite sources, intros/ conclusions


Weekly Assignment

  • Read “Popular Culture is Killing Writing” by Bronwyn T. Williams and write a response on OpenLab
  • Week 8 PowerPoint and Activities
  • Draft of 2 rhetorical analysis due Monday October 19th
  • Prepare to present research Mon. Oct. 19th or Wed. Oct. 21st either during synchronous class meeting or on OpenLab   

Topics: Citations, elements of a rhetorical analysis, introductions, conclusions                             


Week 9

Mon. Oct. 19                                    Unit 2: Research and Inquiry

Wed. Oct. 21           

Workshop, revise and edit rhetorical analyses, discuss the reflection process (metacognition)

*Either in synchronous sections or on OpenLab, students will be expected to present their research


Weekly Assignment

  • Read Sandra Giles: “Reflective Writing and the Revision Process: What Were You Thinking?” and write a response on OpenLab
  • Week 9 PowerPoint and Activities
  • **Draft of all 4 Rhetorical Analyses Due Mon. October 26 and Unit 2 Reflection (250 words)


Week 10

Mon. Oct. 26                                    Unit 3: Multi-Genre Writing           

Wed. Oct. 28           

**Project 2 Draft Due Monday October 26th**

Sharing and celebration, short form persuasive messages, choose a genre for short persuasive writing piece (at least 300 words), excerpts from This I Believe website


Weekly Assignment:

  • Read Laura Carroll: “Backpacks vs. Briefcases” and write a response on OpenLab
  • Week 10 PowerPoint and Activities


Topics: Identifying a claim/ counterclaim, using visuals to strengthen a message, rhetorical appeals


Week 11

Mon. Nov. 2                                    Unit 3: Multi-Genre Writing

Wed. Nov. 4

**Final Project 2 Due Mon. Nov. 2nd

Discussion of “Backpacks vs. Briefcases,” planning, drafting, choosing a genre to match purpose and audience, listen to excerpt from Howard University Commencement Speech” by Barack Obama, introduce Project 3

*Wednesday synchronous class will be small group or individual meetings to discuss Project 3

Weekly Assignment:

  • Short Persuasive Piece in pre-approved genre (at least 300 words)
  • 23andMe Is Terrifying But Not for the Reasons the FDA Thinks” by Charles Seife and write response on OpenLab
  • Week 11 PowerPoint and Activities
  • Genre/ Audience/ Purpose Statement for Project 3 Due


Topics: Credible, persuasive voice and tone, thesis statements


Week 12

Mon. Nov. 9                                    Unit 3: Multi-Genre Writing

Wed. Nov 11                                               

Small group workshop of Project 3, drafting

Weekly Assignment:

  • Read “Why Don’t Convenience Stores Sell Better Food?” by Olga Khazan and write a response on Open Lab
  • Week 12 PowerPoint and Activities
  • Draft of Project 3 Due Wed Nov. 18th

Topics: Using mentor texts to inspire our writing, techniques to strengthen writing, transfer


Week 13

Mon. Nov. 16                                    Unit 3: Multi-Genre Writing

Wed. Nov. 18


Peer revision, adding visuals or multimedia to projects

**Draft of Project 3 Due Wed. Nov. 18

Weekly Assignment:

  • Read “Inherit the Word” by Annie Liontas and write a response on OpenLab
  • Week 13 PowerPoint and Activities             

Topics: Adding multimedia and visuals to strengthen and           expand ideas, revising, editing


Week 14

Mon. Nov. 23                                     Unit 3: Multi-Genre Writing

Writing an Author’s Note/ Artist’s Statement, introduction to Final Portfolio, planning for portfolio

Weekly Assignment:

  • Read “Finishing His Sentences” by Walter Mosley and write response on OpenLab
  • Final Project 3 Due Wed Dec. 2nd
  • Week 14 PowerPoint and Activities

Topics: Writing process and strategies that are transferrable across genres and content areas, ways we use writing in our lives


Week 15

Mon. Nov. 30                                    Unit 4: Final Portfolio

Wed. Dec. 2


Compiling a final portfolio, writing a final reflection, elements of a reflection

*There will be time during the synchronous meeting times for one-on-one conferences

Weekly Assignment:

  • Work on compiling final portfolio
  • Writing final reflection


Week 16

Mon. Dec. 7                                    Unit 4: Final Portfolio

Wed. Dec. 9                                               

**If possible, please join for synchronous class! Celebration of learning, sharing of Portfolios!           

***Fri. Dec. 18 Final Port folios Due** LATE PORTFOLIOS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED

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