ENG 1101 O156, Fall 2020 Coleman

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ENG 1101 O156, Fall 2020 Coleman
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ENG 1101
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Fall 2020
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Welcome to English 1101! This course focuses on writing both short and long pieces in many different genres on a range of topics. We will learn basic research techniques that include using the library, how to choose accurate and credible sources, and how to evaluate, synthesize, and analyze the sources with a critical lens. We will (re)discover key writing techniques and strategies to make our writing stronger and more effective. We will engage with traditional texts and multimedia sources as a guide for our writing, a source of information, and to generate stimulating classroom conversations. Throughout the course, we will also frequently pause to reflect on the writing process and what we have learned so far. The course culminates with a revised portfolio of all your finished work and will consist of at least 6,000 words. Don’t panic! It will include a combination of your favorite low-stakes writing assignments, some of our shorter writing pieces (composed both in class and at home), our culminating writing assignment and a final reflective piece.

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