Popular Culture is often mesmerized by technology and the mass media . The focus of the young are not really the reality of things but entertainment so with the structuralism of today’s age it is easier to say that there is no subsequent knowledge learned from pop culture it could be a generalist argument from all pop culture opposition.
The author constructs his argument via a positive outlook by elaborating on why a majority of people would think negatively toward the pop culture experience. According to the text the author validates his point by”One prevailing myth about popular culture is that it is easy or simple and that’s why young people like it . It’s true that some movies or video games or television programs are not all that challenging in content or form.The author wanted to show how people opinion could be shifted through a seemingly uncomplicated narrative then he work toward unveiling the truth “ Students learn a tremendous amount about rhetoric and communication from their engagement with popular culture, most notably about rhetorical concepts such as genre, audience, and style. By ensuring that the author made his case.
This piece has walked me through why this generation loves pop culture so much by putting more insight of why pop culture has such impact.