Antonio is an illegal immigrant and struggles with the fact, telling himself that years in the country, learning the language blending in as an American erases his obvious status. Every experience, every step he made toward being somebody has always been shot by the idea that he couldn’t be without the power of a validated status. Antonio Vargas is writing to those underground kids or people living in the U.S.A, trying to make life as he said in the text “ I do know im grateful to my grandparents, my Lolo and Lola for giving me a chance for a better life.” To insert a sense of understanding in us the readers he pours out his heart and sweat to share a part of his life that he was always ashamed of.
The piece is an overwhelming story because certainly, you reading the life of somebody and feelings of compassion of what he had to go through to achieve his idea of success and acceptance is an amazing reminder of the lesson of what is worth or not.