F.R HW #3

This years Thanksgiving was mixed with my Bengali side and my American side. My family  including aunts, uncles and cousins, everyone was asked to bring something of their liking, it could’ve been anything cultural or American it didn’t matter. So the menu this Thanksgiving was different but very exciting because it was something new. We had noodles and pasta, tandoori chicken, beef, variety of rice(s), vegetables, fish and it was a good time with good people. I think food photography is great! food photography helps people find new food options they probably would have not figured out on their own or helping chefs find new ideas to cook. Food photography shows how many different types of food there is around the world, many people wouldn’t even assume, I feel as if food photography opens new opinions and also teaches others about other cultures for people and I think its a very nice and FAST way as well.

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