HW #3: Color, Food Photography, and Instagram

Photo of picnic table with food on top

William Eggleston, photo from the series The Democratic Forest

Happy Thanksgiving! This week seems an appropriate time to consider color photography and the art of photographing food. Color is very important to creating an appetizing photograph but color photography was not accepted as an art form until the 1970s. William Eggleston is often labelled the “Grandfather” of color photography because of his groundbreaking work in this area. He achieved this status using the labor-intensive dye-transfer process (btw, you will not be tested on processes for the final) to produce luscious colors in photographs of banal subject matter. Read about Eggleston’s color photography and look through his photographs in the link below (the photograph of the red ceiling aka Greenwood, MS will be on the short list for the final). In addition, skim through an article about how some are people are using social media to earn money from their food photographs.

Submit a short post with a photo of something you’re eating/cooking over the holiday week and share with your classmates what you think of food photography on social media.

Read about William Eggleston and color photography here.

Learn about how some foodies are turning their social media into profit here.

Please make sure you only check off the category #studentHW.

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