HW #2 Food & Coffee–Civil war

Baked Salmon and Fried Rice

Baked Salmon and Fried Rice

One thing I found amusing about a soldier’s diet during the civil war was the hard track crackers. The hard track is an inexpensive cracker made from flour, water, and sometimes salt. The fascinating part of the cracker is how it can be made and stored for many years for soldiers to eat without decomposing. If I had to choose between food and coffee I would choose food because I dislike coffee due to its bitterness. Also, the amount of sugar I put in coffee is very bad for my health. I love food because I love cooking and coming up with new recipes. One of my favourite things to eat is baked salmon. I sometimes eat it with fried plantains or my version of fried rice. It’s one of my healthy dishes because it does not contain a lot of fat. I started making this last year and I haven’t stopped ever since.

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