CAH: HW 3 Color, Food Photography, and Instagram

“I love food and I love photography”, these two combine is what makes the magic.

Thanksgiving a holiday that is dedicated to giving thanks for our family, friends and great food, what better way to preserve and share the memories than to capture those fun-filled moments with our cameras or smart phones. In this day and age social media dominates and directs us to new adventures. Food photography is one such adventure. We take photographs of our food at various angles before we start eating, this is to share our excitement with every one of the beautiful presentation and delicious food we have before us. We post our photos on various sites like Facebook, Instagram, snap chat and twitter. If the images that are uploaded by various people is worthy of social media than I say it’s definitely worth trying out the foods.

Thanksgiving dinner is very important in our family and we have many family and friends who visit us during this holiday season so our table is spread with various dishes for all to gather and enjoy a traditional family meal.


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2 Responses to CAH: HW 3 Color, Food Photography, and Instagram

  1. Sandra Cheng says:

    That is a true feast! I hope you had a happy celebration

  2. We did enjoy the meal thank you a lot of time went into it but i can say it was all worth it.

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