Robert Frank HW#4

Robert Franks unpublicized photos are in some aspects for the purposes of art but I do think that his photos start to develop further intentions as he grasps his surrounding. Regardless of his curiosity and exploration on what kind of place America is there is a fine line in his purpose even if it’s unintentional. His purpose in my perspective started out with just him trying to comprehend America is but further grew into bringing in more awareness. As claimed in the video he criticized racism in America as irrational. He could not understand how caucasian people felt compelled to be separated by African American yet made African American women take care of their own children. So in a way, his images were political even if it wasn’t intended. He did not manipulate his images because the purpose was to define America for what he saw his subjects as. They are influential in that the subjects are politically aimed are magnified because they are revolved around sensitive topics. Exposing America to its true embodiment is something that I think he intended to do. I think it became his motive when he gained his definition of America. I find the images to communicate political and artistic aims due to the fluent subjects presented. What I find intriguing is the natural flow of his images they are expected in some ways. The scenes are predictable scenes that are ordained and can be seen any other day. His work embodies the time frame and the social issues of that era. Americans wanted to have a reputation that is respected and looked up to so exposing these matters that were occurring in America brought a negative reaction. Mostly due to the pride and nationalistic views Americans had. His intent is clearly visible so in this regards, he is bias it isn’t just art it is political.

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