Houssynatou Barry HW #4

“Artistic is defined as someone who possess the creative quality that enables him to excel at producing creative works”. Indeed Robert Frank’s themes are artistic, he used his art to bring to light an unseen American social life, something that is not spoken up about, and was exactly why America was seen as the “perfect” world to live in. This country is portrayed as the heaven on earth and have always been portrayed as so.  therefor if people like Robert Frank did not enlightened the rest of the world, the unjust social life would continue to rise and very few people will be informed or able to help. Even though Robert Frank’s photograph did not bring a major change in the society at that time, his courage and dedication should actually be recognized, Flying to a new and powerful country like the United States of America and showing a darker side of the country cost one a lot. Here is to say that he basically put his life and career on the line.



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