KC: Thoughts on selfies and social media

Social media is a must have platform for people to express their thoughts and record their daily lives in this century. Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps today, which allow users to upload photos depicting their daily lives along with expressing themselves. There is also a comment section for the photos in which users can interact with one another. Photography has become one of the most popular techniques people use instead of words to express themselves. A picture can represent many different things, such as a record of a meaningful event, capturing beautiful scenery, or a more complex picture with hidden meaning. All of which is depends on the photographer or artist. Aside from photography, there are many editing apps that can adjust photos such as Photoshop. These editing apps are so popularly used to alter the original photo to “perfect” it in the eyes of the user. Cindy Sherman has a unique approach to editing her photos by the ideology of how people should take photos. People typically have a forced and unnatural smile which does not express themselves truthfully. By using an editing app, the user can truly express themselves by incorporating their own style and personality into the photos.

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