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Robert Frank’s photography book, “The Americans” was very impressive because those photos did not only capture the ordinary life of Americans but also society as a whole. In 1950’s, racism was an issue that was not blatantly shown to the … Continue reading

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During the thanksgiving, I celebrated with my family but I did not take a picture before I ate. The picture posted is from the weekend at a small restaurant near my neighborhood. In my point of view, food photography has … Continue reading

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HW#2 Food and Coffee in the Civil War

After reading the articles about soldier’s diets during the civil war, it led me into a deeper thought what type of food was provided to the soldiers during that time. Solders did not know how to cook and they were … Continue reading

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KC: Thoughts on selfies and social media

Social media is a must have platform for people to express their thoughts and record their daily lives in this century. Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps today, which allow users to upload photos depicting their … Continue reading

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