During the thanksgiving, I celebrated with my family but I did not take a picture before I ate. The picture posted is from the weekend at a small restaurant near my neighborhood. In my point of view, food photography has become a trend in which people like to take pictures before enjoying the food that is presented. The color of the food and the structure of the photo can make a big difference in the picture. A good combination of both can make the food more attractive by doing so. Instagram is one of the most common social platforms for people to share their food. It is great for people to share the beauty of the food through a photograph with friends, which allows them to have a sneak peek at what the restaurant offers. Also, people on Instagram can share the location or the name of the restaurant which can increase business for the restaurant. One of my friends is doing food photography sessions for restaurants, which involves taking photos of the food and then sending it back to the handler and they will post it on their social media business accounts to promote it.

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