What is Photography to Social media?

Photography in social media is how people today communicate,  create a business presence, and depict their lives to others. Social media apps like Snapshot permit family and friends to remain in contact with a visual of a selfie. On Instagram you can often see politics, values on life, social status an generally how they are feeling at that moment. With a photo and a caption Instagram authorizes viewers to communicate back with a comment. Agreeing, disagreeing, or just liking the photo is social media dialogue, which most people want. Social media presence is very crucial to businesses today. Many become recognized or discovered for the amount of followers an likes. Whether its a non profit organization, small business, or a review of a well know establishment, social media is necessary. It’s the modern way to become or remain relevant. Mainly, photography is used in social media to view an individuals life. They build a perception to others with photos. To perceive their lives how they would like to be seen. A photograph captures the reality and essence taken at that moment. It can produce a strong presence or an absent presence in a photo of a person, place or thing. That’s were the app Photoshop comes in. It helps to alter a selfie or an entire photograph. Helping to create an illusion of a flawless photo. Selfies are a sense of expression. Also how one glorifes themselves. Some people see selfies as a description of a person’s character. Making a connection with a photo. Leaving many to assume without knowing who they actually are. Adding a third party and demolishing verbal communication. How we once used to communicate. Cindy Sherman photos on Instagram are very bold and abstract. She edits her photos as to mask her beauty with flaws. Cindy Sherman shows how selfies can make you break out of your shell and to challenge yourself to be uncomfortable, as a known introvert herself. She respects her work of art enough to share it on social media even though she was once against it. Its an increible way to get her work out to the people who appreciate authenticity. I admire the way she creates different aspects of herself. I like Snapshot for filters. It’s a great way to be yourself and share silly facial expressions and voices without feeling judged because it’s a trend. Cindy Sherman has created her own trend of colorful artwork with selfies.


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