CAH: HW 1: Photography, Selfies, and Cindy Sherman

Photography is an art which takes a screenshot of life. I believe a photograph is a moment or feeling that is captured and remembered or relived in the future. Photography via social media is letting the world know about your life.

Like a photographer considers lighting, angle, background, style, frame, & resolution to take photographs, a selfie is taken under the same conditions. Selfies are for sharing, they are a way for us to look at ourselves the way we want to be seen.  It a way to control ones image that is being uploaded publicly to social media, and also the fact is, that a selfie is regularly used to mark the importance of one’s status that is being portrayed. Selfies tells others about the beautiful or sad moments we experience. It is said that when a photographer takes a photo of you a piece of your soul is taken; so when a selfie is taken do you gain or lose a piece of your soul?

Cindy Sherman, I believe bares her soul through herself portraits or selfies. She is a beautiful woman who chooses to show the world some unusual portraits. Some of her photographs though vibrant with colour give the viewer mixed feelings of happiness and sadness. This is her way of telling the world that however ashamed we are of our shortcomings, some people can still see the beauty within ourselves. Henry Thoreu said, “The question is not what you look at but what you see”.

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