GP: Art on the go. Selfies, Instagram and Cindy Sherman.

Is social media an artists’ greatest tool?  If so, Cindy Sherman has utilized this tool to deliver a whimsical and deeply introspective way to deliver her art to the world. With her Instagram selfies, Sherman has placed an exaggeration on the asymmetrical physical features others are attempting to conceal with the editing of their own self portraits. The previously assumed introvert, Ms. Sherman has tapped into an infinite means of expressing her art worldwide. The Cindy Sherman Instagram has provided her viewers with an on the go “exhibition” and renewed interest in her artwork, while capturing a new audience of followers.  Ms. Sherman has also demonstrated how far outside of her comfort zone she is willing to travel to experience what so many others effortlessly share about their personal lives on an open network. Social media has provided a platform of instant gratification, recognition and feedback. Ms. Sherman elaborates on the reach artists have to elicit emotion and curiosity in their chosen audience. Who is Sherman’s audience? Everyone. Sherman provides a complex and thought provoking perspective on her views of social media as a dishonest and divisive tool for users to tweak, adjust and replicate the best versions of themselves visually. Utilizing user friendly technology in the form of an app, the everyday smartphone user is able to instantaneously create self portraits and “develop” their photos to share with the world. Ms. Sherman is challenging the users to ask themselves, “Are we so hungry for attention, that we alter our true versions of ourselves to demand the attention of others?” Do we represent ourselves living our synthetically altered best lives, while concealing our less desirable features for the sake of instant gratification based upon “likes” and “comments? Has technology and the ability to quickly edit images, given us all the ability to represent ourselves as “photographers?” Regardless of whatever Ms. Sherman is attempting to gain from this social experience, she has illustrated the ways technology has alienated society from reality, providing a canvas for users to express themselves in the manner they feel is most desirable to their target audience.

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