Photography, Selfie, Cindy Sherman

I consider photography a piece of artwork therefore selfies form a part of that artwork. A picture represents a moment in our lives. Selfies are to express in that photo the especial moment that that person was going through by showing any expression in his/her face symbolizing his/her feelings and by uploading pictures to any social media it allows them to add any capture in their picture that describes why it was taken, or what to make people think/believe about that picture. Pictures and selfies are taken to a certain angle which favors us. In selfies we can manage the light on our face, and we can also add filters or do any Photoshop to make it prettier before capturing the image. Every time we take a picture we think of what we want to let our friends and families and to the public know about it. Also, by posting our photography in any social media we want to create popularity among other amazing pictures. Any social media is just a platform to make ourselves known by the type of photo we take just like Cindy Sherman did. We sometimes adjust the image of our selfies to make it better or to enhance a better perspective of what we want to express. By creating authentic pictures like Cindy Sherman did in her photos in this new technology era allows her to share to everyone around the globe a especial piece of her life that becomes an artwork. I think her pictures are authentic and captivating because. Sherman’s pictures show another perspective of a selfie/portrait. It’s amazing how she obtains a view in her picture like if it were a cartoon or an anime. What I think of her pictures is that I see that she combines contrasts of light showing the abstract of her face, her eyelashes and her lips, reflect how simple we can be or appear before a feeling evoked by a situation. I feel like she exposes a strong contrast of beauty where the makeup is only external and does not satisfy the soul, only its observers expressing for social acceptance.


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