HW#2 Food and Coffee in the Civil War

Our everyday life’s consist of choices; we choose to do one thing rather than the other measuring the consequences there may be. But choosing between coffee and food may be quite difficult. Coffee gives energy especially if you had a long night and did not get a good night sleep. In the other hand, eating is a really important part of your everyday life. Eating protein is an important element of all our cells. It is an important building block of bones, muscles, skin, and blood. Without protein, our bodies cannot function normally.

Coffee played a major role during the Civil War. Soldiers weren’t soldiers without their coffee. According to the article, coffee was often the last comfort troops enjoyed before entering the battle and the first sign of safety for those who survived. Since soldiers depended on their wife’s, soldiers did not know how to cook anything, they had no choice but to make themselves coffees. I find it fascinating how they were able to maintain this diet without containing any protein or nutrient in their body.

I personally love coffee and food, but if I had to give up one thing it would be coffee. Mexican food is amazing there isn’t a day where I would not eat Mexican food. But my favorite plate would be tacos. Tacos simply taste amazing, especially the ones in Mexico. Every year when I travel to my country, the first thing I go to, in the Mercado, is tacos. I would not give up this plate for anything else.

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  1. Ebony Star says:

    I must admit a good taco makes me happy. I like that you picked a meal that comes from your culture. Giving up your precious tacos would feel as if your surrending your culture. I think it’s also wonderful that you go back home every year.

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