Houssynatou Barry Hw #2


Houssynatou Barry

Appreciation of Photo

Prof Sandra Chang

Fall 2017

Food and coffee in the Civil War

As it is usually said “the more you eat the more energy you get”, but one can only eat so much of a dish if they like it a lot or somehow benefit from it. In the past two years, my desire to sleep had exceed for some unknown reason, it had become my biggest source of energy. I had to sleep for a minimum eight and half hours in order to be fully functional ( no headache) ,  I never thought that there was something wrong about it, I still don’t. But coffee is now saving from my headaches, it is getting me through my days. Therefore I personally recognize the power of coffee. Just like the shoulders used every available plant to make their  coffee, I have found my new source of energy , or remedy. What is most fascinating about the civil war’s diet is that the shoulders continued to fight even when coffee ( which is their source of energy) , was not abundant


Above is a picture of my favorite dish “ Acheke” it is a west African, originally from Ivory Cost. I cannot live without having this dish at least twice a week   which is probably why it’s the first dish I’ve learn to make. I can it eat this meal for both lunch and dinner.

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