Houssynatou Barry HW#2

Food and coffee in the Civil War

As it is usually said “the more you eat the more energy you get”, but one can only eat so much of a dish if they like it a lot or somehow benefit from it. In the past two years, my desire to sleep had exceed for some unknown reason, it had become my biggest source of energy. I had to sleep for a minimum eight and half hours in order to be fully functional ( no headache) ,  I never thought that there was something wrong about it, I still don’t. But coffee is now saving from my headaches, it is getting me through my days. Therefore I personally recognize the power of coffee. Just like the shoulders used every available plant to make their  coffee, I have found my new source of energy , or remedy. What is most fascinating about the civil war’s diet is that the shoulders continued to fight even when coffee ( which is their source of energy) , was not abundant.


Above is a picture of my favorite dish “ Acheke” it is a west African, originally from Ivory Cost. I cannot live without having this dish at least twice a week   which is probably why it’s the first dish I’ve learn to make. I can it eat this meal for both lunch and dinner.

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