Food and Coffee in the Civil War

Just like water, food is life. To survive the harsh conditions in the civil war, simplicity was essential for war. A soldier’s meal consisted of a few things such as coffee, meat and a hard tack. The most interesting part of the diet is the coffee. Why coffee? I assume it is because of the energy boost that a soldier would need during the tireless battles they fight during the war. From my understanding, coffee was their addiction, their drug. For coffee to be mentioned more than rifles and bullets during a time of war is really intriguing to me. Coffee must have been the civil wars drug addiction. Personally, I do not drink coffee and care more about food than anything else.

A food that I can not live without is Rice. Coming from an Asian family and background, rice is part of the daily diet and I consume it everyday. It is hard for me to imagine life without rice. But like anything, over consumption is bad for you and maybe coffee had a negative side effect during the war. 

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