Final Exam

the endYou final exam is on Monday, May 19th at 11:30. You should know the information that appeared on you mid-term, so be sure to study it. Also, here are some other specifics you should study and know for the exam:

  • how to do text on a path
  • an understanding of legibility/color
  • typographic hierarchy
  • how to design on a grid
  • how to create text wraps
  • adding photo images, resizing and maintaining proportions
  • kerning
  • tracking
  • good balance and composition in your layout
  • how to draw letterforms
  • how to create an interactive button
  • how to animate text in an interactive document
  • plus, information listed here is still available


Upcoming Dates to Remember

The end of the semester is fast approaching so you need to make certain you are aware of the followings.


Thursday, May 15th – Last day to withdraw with “WF” grade

Friday, May 16th – ALL PROJECTS ARE DUE (This includes any revisions that  you want considered for reevaluation for grades)



Spring Recess Assignments

magazine pagesI know it’s been awhile, but spring recess is a good time for us to catch up on our journal items. Our next class will be Friday, April 25th. When you return, please have the following journal assignments complete.

For the following assignments, use a magazine (tear the page out or photograph it) and type  out your responses.

  • Text Wrap—Find a magazine page with at least one graphic image on it. Describe the relationship between graphic image and the text on the page. Is the image contained inside a rectangular image box, another shape or did it require a clipping path or mask? How is type reacting to the shape?
  • Your Aesthetic—Look at ads, magazines, books, and other printed pieces that have typography as a main component. Choose something that you are attracted to, and explain why. You only need to write 1 or 2 paragraphs.
  • Look at a print & website combo (a printed magazine and its online counterpart).  In 1 or 2 paragraphs, describe the similarities and the differences.
  • Multi-Page Continuity—Find a magazine or brochure  or booklet that is saddle-stitched. Type a 1-page paper about how the pages flow in terms of typography, imagery, and actual content. What items, if any, seem to be common among the multiple pages?

Final Type Book

It is now time to print and bind your type book project. But first, you must make sure you have all your pages and they are in organized and in order. A handout with all the instructions is available for download here.

There is one last design assignment that you need to complete for this project. It is called Putting It All Together. In essence, you will create a poster that uses all the typographic design elements that you have learned this semester. You can download a file that has samples here.

You get the binding done (and printing) done at Staples or FedEx, but be sure to plan ahead.

DEADLINE: Friday, April 4, 2014

REMINDER: The Mid-Term Exam

Yes, the mid-term exam is Friday, March 28th. So, you ask, “What should I study?” The mid-term will cover everything we have learned since the beginning of the semester—that includes the reading assignments, the handouts, and the lecture information.

There are some definite things you should know in order to pass this course, so here is a list to remind you of some specific things you should include in your review:


Review previous postings from our OpenLab site:


Some specific typography information to review:

  • Alignment: possibilities, how to use it well
  • Tracking: possibilities, how to use it well
  • Width/Weight/Posture
  • Stress/Contrast/Serifs
  • History of Letterforms
  • History of Typography
  • Typographical Anatomy
  • Kerning, Leading: Kerning Game
  • Five Families of Type
  • Grids: parts, working on them


Some specific InDesign information to review:

  • How to export a pdf
  • How to paginate a multi-page document
  • How to work with master pages
  • How to package a file
  • Placing images