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Type Family On The Go

These are the Classifications of Type I found while riding on the train.

This “Mercedes Benz” ad displays a Modern typeface in the logo. There are thick and thin strokes in the capital lettering and smooth serifs.

photo 1

The “Black Enterprise” logo is done in a Slab Serif typeface. The serifs and Strokes of the font are both very thick and bold.

photo 2

The “Do not lean on door” sign that is located on every train door is in a simple Sans Serif typeface I believe to be Helvetica similar to other subway type.

photo 4

The Grand Central sign is done in a Transitional typeface where the strokes ease into the serifs.

photo 3

The Old Style typeface I found was in a sign on the train. The “Capital Program” type is done in a simple serif, which is kind of blocky like Old Style fonts

photo 5

Five Families of type pictures.

It has  wedge sharped serifs,more upright serifs ,and greater contrast between thin&thick stroks
This typeface is olds style for many reasons, first of all  there are more wedge shaped serifs.Also,they have greater contrast between thick& thin strokes. The last thing I want to mention in this photo is the heavily bracketed or curved serifs


This is a sans serif typeface. I notice how the name is without any serifs.There is low contrast between thin &thick areas. In this photo I see serifs , this shows me it is a Egyptian (slab- serifs).IMG_1934

This picture has a Transitional typeface.  The contract between thin and thick strokes are increased and the serifs are more sculpted

Crown Heights Typography

Crown Heights photographsunnamed-1unnamed-2

I live in the neighborhood Crown Heights, which is located in Brooklyn, New York. This neighborhood is full of interesting things, colors and a different way of life. Its somewhat of a urban setting, full of apartment buildings and brownstone buildings, so you would see many varieties of typography. There are a lot of West Indians, including myself, living in Crown Heights, with a lot of different businesses such as West Indian cuisine restaurants, Chinese food restaurants, corner stores, clothing and shoe stores and even discount stores, also known as the 99 cent stores. There are different forms of public transportation here in Crown Heights that serves the area, so you would see numbered typography around. There is different types of typography that decorates Crown Heights, like simple but bold letters for businesses to creative art like pieces such as graffiti. Street signage typography is somewhat more out there than any other forms of typography.




A graffiti in honor of Tony Soprano, in memory of him. The way they did the letter form with a touch of graffiti. -Sherman st. Bronx NY


A typical bodega which are found usually in every corner around my neighborhood. Every letter is on a different font to catch people’s attention. -Hunts Point Bronx NY



The way the graffiti is tag here. There’s a repair shop right under neat it. -161 st. Bronx NY



A tattoo shop art, the traditional Japanese dragon and the lettering is mostly all black. -Bruckner Blvd Bronx NY

Typography has been used in different fonts and lettering. Some ads with more color than others as well as lighter and darker colors. Most of the business stores usually have an ad outside for special deals of the day. My neighborhood’s has a variety of typography.