Class 7 – Multiple Page Documents

One of main projects of the semester will be to create a type book that each student will be able to use as reference as they continue their graphic design studies. The book is created using InDesign and consists of a variety of exercises.

The lecture for the day included a demonstration on creating and using multiple InDesign documents.

Topics Covered
  • Creating multi-page documents
  • Using the Page Panel
  • Working with Master Pages

If you need a little help with InDesign, here are couple of  video tutorials which may be helpful.

InDesign 5 – How to Work with Pages


Working with Master Pages – InDesign 6

In-Class Lab & Homework

In class we begin a 5-page document which should be completed and turned in on Monday, Feb 24. The instructions are as follows:

  • Create a 5-page document using the 5-column grid we set up in class.
  • The 5th column of each page will contain the following:
    Families of Type
    —Name of family
    —Characteristics (at least 2)
    —Name of the font used
  • Use the first 4 columns as your art area.
  • Using the name of the famous person you selected, create an interesting composition with caps and lowercase or all lowercase type
  • Use lines and basic shapes to make your composition interesting.
  • Do 1 page for each of the five families of type.
  • Create a new composition for each family
  • Save your file as follows:
  • Then save the file again as a PDF (which will be submitted) with the same name.

Samples for Reference
FamilyofType1 FamilyofType2

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