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5 Families of Type Photos

Due for Monday, Feb 24

  • Find  5 examples that use a typeface from one of the 5 families/classifications of type we discussed in class. Take a photograph of each.
  • Upload the 5 photos to our OpenLab website and write a brief caption for each photo indicating the following: which scenario each was used, describe the classification to which you think it belongs and why.
  • DO NOT use Google to get your images. Take the photos as you travel about your business during the weekend.

Homework for Friday, 2/14/14

Homework Reminder for Class on Friday 2/14

Take the best and worst prints of stacked words and write a paragraph (about 5-6 sentences) describing why one works well and why the other doesn’t well in terms of leading. For this exercise, you were to concentrate on getting good leading with your 2 stacked words. On Friday, you will have one last time to complete this printing if you need to try it again.