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Final Type Book

It is now time to print and bind your type book project. But first, you must make sure you have all your pages and they are in organized and in order. A handout with all the instructions is available for download here.

There is one last design assignment that you need to complete for this project. It is called Putting It All Together. In essence, you will create a poster that uses all the typographic design elements that you have learned this semester. You can download a file that has samples here.

You get the binding done (and printing) done at Staples or FedEx, but be sure to plan ahead.

DEADLINE: Friday, April 4, 2014

Meet the “Font Men”

Gotham is a typeface that is all around you every day. You’ve seen it but probably didn’t notice it. That is one of the things I like about Gotham. It has a strong, clean and simple design that is not over powering. Gotham happens to be one of my favorite typefaces to use—that is really an understatement. I use it on ALMOST every project I work on.  I came across this quick video about the creators of the Gotham typeface and thought it might interesting for you to see the real faces behind some of the fonts you see everyday.

Everyday typefaces.


This is an example of an Old Style typeface.  This logo has wedged shaped serifs and greater contrast between thick and thin strokes.


This is an example of a san serif font, Helvetica. No serifs, just clean and simple letters.


This is an example of a Modern typeface. A mix of vintage motel neon lights and different fonts. Just one with serif.


This is an example of Blackface typaface. Thick, heavy letters with serifs.


This is an example of Egyptian typeface.  It sign has thick, block-like serifs.