I would say I have achieved most of my goals this semester because I was able to keep up with my homework and I didn’t hold it to the last minute as much as I used to. One goal that was different was that I wanted to make sure my major fit what I wanted to do and that I wouldn’t forced myself to stay in one because if I’m struggling staying in that major will do nothing for me in the long run. A surprise I found along the way was that the major I chose was just not working for me and that I am going to change it and find something that fits me even if I have to switch multiple times I wont force myself to do something if I don’t like it. My goals besides the new ones were pretty small I don’t like to put such a big goal over me because then it ends up being something I have to worry about a lot and that not how I like to do things living more simply and taking things slow are how I role and lets me adjust when I need to cause I have plenty of time to do so. To do better on my final portfolio I need to spend more time looking it over and reading it so that I can find all the spelling. I also want to find a way to make it more interesting to read so who ever reads it is not bored and finds what I have to say interesting and fascinating.