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For my final revision ideas according to my final portfolio I was have to work extra hard and work on my organization and expanding my information as a writer that I preset to the readers. Why I think this will benefit me as a writer is that my audience won’t be confused during reading my writing piece and also it will have enough information for them to have a really good or better understanding of the text that will be seen and also it will hit all of my audience’s satisfaction level. In addition why I think I may have to revise things a bit further is well according to my draft I had feedback from my good fellow classmates picking my weak spots and spots where the parts of my writing piece could be needing a fresher. Thirdly I would say according to an article by ‘The Maker’s eye” “The writers of such draft must be their own best enemy” which to my understanding I agree and would like to add that its very true indeed. Also another quote which states “To produce a progression of drafts each of which says more and says and says it better” in terms of me breaking it down what it means which I agree and should do to have a well written final revision is writing tons of drafts has its own stories and plot points in which categories you may need to take a look upon a few times which it can be help us writers grow.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    This is all very good! You’re actually in very good shape. All you really need to do is look over what you’ve done and see if there are any spots where the writing might be more, shall we say, ‘user friendly’ — smoother, I guess. A little easier to read. But otherwise, it’s all good.

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