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What is something you were interested in when you were a kid? Are you still interested in that topic? How did asking questions help you learn more about that topic?Β 

Something that would interest me when I was a kid would be space and the layout of our solar systems mainly because I had so many questions such as how many stars are there or how can we live in space which were some silly questions but as a kid it would come to my curiosity .Other things that would interest me were fossils or animals that once roamed this planet and were massive in size years ago. Another topic that would also grab my attention is the ocean because as a kid I would always wonder how big the ocean is and if we were to collect gallons of water how many gallons worth of salt water would there be or even if we can build habitats which we would adapt to living underwater.

If so, how has your curiosity changed and grown over the years? And what role did the educational system play in your curiosity (good or bad)?Β 

How my curiosity changed and grown over the years is that I have learned about most of the questions I frequently asked back then and took a deeper understanding. Roles that played in my education system was neutral based on depending on the teachers who would allow me to ask questions and others who which would avoid/deny them throughout his/her time in teaching which threw my motivation down hill and got me thinking to even ask these types of questions while learning.

If you are not interested in this topic anymore, what do you think happened to that interest? Do you remember the specific time you LOST interest?Β  What did you become interested in instead (and why?)Β 

If I were to not be interesting in a topic no more it would mainly be due to my understanding of it or something else would have caught my eye to my liking rather then the before it. Not particularly show if I lost interest in like recently but when I was little over sports I did which I preferred playing basketball over soccer which was the layout of it and it seemed just more fun and such a time passer for me.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Education, “learning” and motivation — that’s a really complicated equation. You certainly were curious when you were a kid!

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