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Hw 09/13 Kweku


I feel like the American education system has failed most of it students as they are unable to write anything from their mind without it being criticized by their teachers especially when it doesn’t meet the standard of the “CCSS”, I have experienced such feeling during my time in High school and middle school as my friends and I were forced to write in a specific structure from our textbook that we weren’t used to at the time. This overtime weakened my ability. to be creative when writing. Knowledge is the ability to know information whiles Understanding is the comprehend something. These are both essential in the world because having knowledge allows us to avoid mistakes in life and understanding helps us to forge things and know how to operate stuff.

Now that you’ve listened to/read Lysicott and Tan

When speaking to some of my childhood friends from Ghana, I tend to switch to broken English just like the author as that was mostly the form of language we used but I didn’t really find any similarities with me and the author even though my parents are also migrants(African) because they speak fluent English. I have seen allot of my friends who are in the same shoe with the author. Most of my friends are immigrants just like me and a lot are from francophone countries but they find a way to communicate with their parents whether it’s in their native language or broken English just like the author did with her mother. “because 20 years we’ve been together I have used the same English with him”, some of my friends also tend to forget how to talk to their parents on the phone when they are with a group as they fear their friends will make fun of them.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Kind of awful how the pressures of being in a specific language system can make people feel bad about their own language use, isn’t it?

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