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Conventions by Jorge Rivas

So far I have seen that there are some conventions that are essential to make a education narrative genre and at the beginning it should be an action that makes the author ask questions and star with the education narrative genre, like happens to Jose Olivarez, that he felt that he didn’t belong anywhere so that make him to start writing, In second place we have the second ingredient that are the setting, and this when can see it in the story of Jose Olivarez that happened at school and that’s his setting, for ingredient number 3 we have the characters and in this story is Jose, in education narrative genre doesn’t need to be your personal story you can write about the story of someone else. For last ingredient or convention we have the Ending and it is how your story will and up and sometimes we can get a happy ending but sometimes not.

A think that a good place to start with your own education narrative is when you are in High School since teachers teach you how to write stories and you got more ideas and you would get the ideas to write it.

The Question that I have of writing and education narrative of my own is that if it is necessary to talk about difficult things that happens in our lives like Jose Olivarez did or we can write of the theme that we want?.

An educational experience that I had during all my years al school was the same that Jose Olivarez had of feeling like if I belong nowhere but I don’t know If I want to write about it.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Interesting analysis of the conventions. I love that you identified “setting” as one of them — it’s very true that we need to SEE the action with good details and descriptions. I also think you noticed something important about the beginning — an action or something that raises questions or problems.

    As for what you can write about — you can do anything! Funny, difficult, wonderful, horrible. It’s completely up to you.

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