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Article/Slack Questions – Julian Ruiz

  1. When Mike Bunn writes, “you are already an author” he means that whenever we write things such as essays and scripts, we are authors because we put our own writing process into it. Some things I wrote are books, paragraphs, essays, poems, and my own personal comic book. Knowing how to use words when writing can be helpful because it can brighten up your writing.
  2. There was something that I liked what Bunn did. I liked how he made the readers feel involved by talking in 2nd person point of view. Its a great way to grab the readers attention.
  3. I felt happy with annotating because I got to learn more from reading the article. I learned that when writing, you should add open ended questions because then it will give the reader there own turn on the meaning of the article. For reading, I learned that you should keep in mind what your opinion on text and think about what the author was thinking of when writing the text.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    You’re not the only one who noticed the use of “you” in Bunn’s piece. It really does make it seem like he’s talking to you, doesn’t it? It’s a good technique… depending on the audience, of course.

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