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Introductions – Julian Ruiz

I really like The Legends of Zelda games.

One word that describes how I feel about the course is exhilarated. My reaction to the class was surprisingly not bad. To be honest I thought that classes would be stressful, but when I actually got the feeling of actually being in a college class, it wasn’t any of those things. The professor is very nice and my classmates were very welcoming on the first day of class and I look forward to working with them. The major I am aiming for in college in Mechanical Engineering. I live in the Bronx with my mom and younger sister. I am also 19 years old. My hobbies in life are playing video games with my friends and cousins, going out with my friends, watching anime, and sometimes drawing. The video games i mostly like to play are The Legends of Zelda, Kirby, Sonic, and fps like apex and Call of Duty. Sometimes I like to play Genshin Impact but not all the time. My name is nothing that special. Me and my dad have the same name but I’m not a junior. I have a middle name but he doesn’t. The definition of the name Julian means “young at heart”.


  1. Husnain

    That’s pretty cool that your name means young at heart

  2. Jacquelyn Blain

    I agree with Husnain: cool name. And I am a Zelda person myself! So glad the class was surprisingly not bad πŸ˜‰

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