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Hi my name is Manuel but you can call me Manny. I’m 18, and I’ve lived in Queens for all of my life, and there’s no place I’d rather be than here. I don’t feel too worried about this class since I enjoy reading and learning about new things. I feel like researching topics that we may be assigned in class will put me out of my comfort zone and make me learn about things I wouldn’t want to research if I was doing it in my free time. Having to attend school online for another year is something I have mixed feelings about, but I did buy a new laptop for this school year so I’m hoping things will be a little bit smoother in terms of getting my work done. I love the culinary arts and actually went to a culinary high school in NYC. I had the opportunity to work at some amazing NYC restaurants. I’m majoring in hospitality management to have a deeper understanding of different factors that make famous restaurants so great in all of their aspects, not just culinary-wise. I’ve decided to take a break from working ( although I miss it already ) to really focus on this semester and I hope to get things started on the right foot this year and finish this semester off with nothing but joy. 

I also love playing Football. I’ve had some pro trials at Argentinian Club back in 2019 but sadly a hamstring injury sent me home nearing the end of my trial. I still play competitively and enjoy training with my teammates. I hope to one day have another great opportunity and make the best of it.  

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    That’s too bad about your hamstring! Injuries are such a big part of “luck.” But it’s wonderful that you’re interested in hospitality management and went to a culinary high school. This pandemic year has got to have been hard on you; I hope we’re back in the restaurants soon!

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