Project Progress- Take 2

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Since our last check in, I have made some progress on my social media account LinkedIn. My focus has been on generating content of the best practices and uses an individual should make in order to successfully present themselves online. This is just some of what I plan to feature in my e-magazine. Although, my project is moving at a slow pace, I am confident I will have all I need to produce a successful e-magazine whether or not my LinkedIn profile takes off.

I have written a small draft of some of the essentials needed in order to present oneself successfully online using LinkedIn that I will include in my e-magazine:

  1. Profile picture- a profile picture must come off as friendly and approachable or professional or however an individual chooses to brand (present) themselves on their personal account. It should look more professional than casual as one may portray on Facebook.
  2. Groups on LinkedIn- this is important because people are joining an abundance of groups but may not necessarily be active in those groups. A user should choose groups that they know they will post content to, answer questions or respond to content, share their perspective and that will also align with the industry they want to be in some day. Users should join groups that they are passionate about.
  3. Posts- It doesn’t hurt to write a post (update) on LinkedIn. It could be about anything as long as it is authentic and true.

I worked on my summary and I know I will probably edit it a dozen more times but while I was thinking of what I should share, there were specific questions I had in mind such as:

  • What am I passionate about? What motivates me? I can answer bother questions in one simple word, children. What about children? I haven’t quite figured out yet.
  • What assets do I feel┬áI can best bring into┬ámy field of study/ career goal? What have┬áI done or what are┬ámy skills?
  • What are one or two fun facts about me? What makes┬áme unique?

Some of these questions will remain unanswered as there is still a lot to learn about myself and I hope by the time I graduate I will know the answer.

Looking forward, I finally have found a site called LucidPress where I can successfully create my e-magazine and I have been working on producing my e-magazine. It started off rough because I had to go through 24 different layouts to choose one that would be suitable for my project but I think I finally found the right one. I also found a theme for my e-portfolio that I am pleased with and began posting documentation of my academic work on my. I have yet to meet with someone from the professional development team but I’ve decided I will not include my resume into my LinkedIn profile because my work experience in the past does not reflect my summary and where I plan on going in my career aspirations. Although, I hope to utilize the professional development team later in the future.

Samantha suggested that I have people evaluate myself in reality and online. As soon as I feel my LinkedIn account is good enough to be looked at by others who are familiar with myself, I will have them compare my two selves: online and in reality.

The Online Jodieann

Creating a online brand is almost like putting on a Halloween costume and becoming the person you’ve always aspired to be. Online sites afford many individuals a chance to escape their drab life and become their alter ego or a exaggerated person. This may be true for most people and myself as well.┬áI am on several social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, OkCupid. With each social media sites there is a certain type of image one┬ámust uphold to be able to engage within┬áthat community. I portray myself online as a very well-put together individual who engages in thoughtful discussions regarding politics, current events, quotes, fun things that happen in my life aka shareable moments, rants, etc. My positioning online gives the impression, which is true, of a progressive, fashionable, savvy, and holistic thinker who likes coffee and inspirational quotes. In many ways I am proud of my digital story telling ability because I know I could represent various brands successfully and I will uphold the image of the brand. Also, I have started a lovely series which I call the Daily Takeaway, each day I write 3-5 inspirational quote or takeaway and use the hashtag #DayNumberoftheDay. It’s been pretty cool, I hope to look back 365 from now and have a transformative outlook on my growth as an individual. I’m not quite sure why I started the series but I love doing it.

Does your online identity convey to the audience your future goals and ambitions?

My online personality perfectly explain who I am and who I want and will become. I do a very good job of creating my personal online brand. I have realized that it is what you┬áphysically put online that gives people a certain impression of you. In a way you have to create the ideal persona that you want to sell to people— its sort of genius. I do think people realize that I am genuine online as I am in person.

Does it tell the audience what you do for a living or hope to do for a career?

Yes, in my blurb section I give a nod to my profession as a writer. If someone was to stalk my Twitter timeline and come across posts from 11 months ago they would find links to press release that I wrote on CUNY Newswire. I am very much professional online but I know that my idea of professional and someone else’s interpretation are very different.

What assumptions would someone make about your personality?

The “Online” Jodieann is just as lovely as she is in person. My online persona is the girl you could imagine sitting with in a coffee shop, engaging in conversations of all sorts. The persona is relatable in many ways, the candor, the wit, the easy going personality, the professionalism, graciousness. My online persona embodies all my real life traits online very pleasantly. One of the key takeaways I hope my persona conveys most of all is that Jodieann is an intelligent young woman with a strong voice and a clear mission of achieving all her goals.