Tumblr : What you need to know about fandoms

Tumblr: What you need to know about fandoms

Fandoms are an essential part of the Tumblr discourse community. They in themselves create smaller discourse communities within Tumblr. They achieve high levels of participation and attention generation. They also create vast amount of various medias. In this presentation I will be showcasing my findings of how the Tumblr fandom communities work and how the fans interact within these communities. Fandoms are critical part of the Tumblr community in what they offer both in both creativity and production.


Prezi was a new an interesting experience to say the least. I found the software to be very new and exciting. It was very different from the other presentation software that I had used before. In my eyes it seemed a bit more creative in the way it bounced around and the color schemes it offered. Although, it was a new experience and a good one at that I do not think I would be using Prezi again. The way it bounced around, zoomed in and out was hard to toggle with. The constant in and out motion was hard to follow and confused me. I wish that there was some sort of tutorial that help me understand the software more indepthly.

I experimented to the best ability with animations, transitions, and audio. I saw some similarities with the software that I have seen in others before; however, I wish that there were tabs to indicate functions instead of clicking to find out what functions were actually available. All in all, I found the experience to be very different yet very creative. If all the problems I encountered could be fixed I do believe Prezi would be a go-to site for me presentation.