The challenge of having a great website is bringing people to it. Why is this important? Whether the website is a business or just for recreation quite often no traffic means no sales. At the very least, no visibility. Having a high-ranking can be critical to the success of a business as it makes it easier for website to be found. The fact is, if a search engine cannot find a site or add a site’s content to the database, there is potentially a missed opportunity. But in order to get people to visit websites that are unknown to them, search engines rely on queries. These are words entered into a search field and produces a list of sites that are ranked on their relevance. A list of results that help the user find exactly what they are looking for is then generated. Yet there are no guarantees that a website will come out on top in a search or even have the traffic that can help to make this possible. So then what is the best way for getting traffic to a websites? While there is no conclusive answer to this question, by understanding and using search engine optimization (SEO), it is possible to achieve a higher ranking on search engine return pages (SERPs).

This project identifies SEO techniques used to optimize websites and evaluate the potential advantages. This project also analyzes two websites for style and word content and uses comparison tools to compare the performance. The findings in this project conclude that optimizing a website can increase visibility and help boost rankings.

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