Online Identity

City is a great school and the curriculum is awesome.  I feel that the curriculum prepares me in the types of jobs that I am looking for.  The information in the class is very helpful and will be very useful in my job field that I will be joining when I graduate.  Most of my classes are historical because they show us a lot of information and old ways to do things like using Java script.  The classes that need to be added is C++ and other operation languages, also we need more workshops for more hands on material because most of the jobs in the CST major ask for other hypertext languages and City Tech should be able to let us take these classes. The communication that is needed is verbal and written all because we might have to speak I front of a big group and attend conferences, also we will have to write letters and memos in the work place.

I do feel that college should prepare us for jobs only because if they want us to be successful in he real world they will need to supply us with real life information instead of giving us classes like biology and calc 2.  My skills are setting up and fixing all Apple products and also setting up laptops and desktops.  My education in these skills came from finding out through YouTube videos and also having to be put in the situation to have to fix a product.  I also am able to set up routers, modems and wifi.

i feel that the department should do a lot more hands on work with the students because the things that are needed in this field is a lot of experience over book smarts.  Also we need bigger computer labs only because the lab now is always packed and the computers are always taken and you have to either go to the library or go to the 6th floor to get to a computer lab to just print out homework or even complete and assignment.  The reason why I feel like this is because not everyone is fortunate to have a computer or printer in their homes so the college should be able to accommodate those students with a better facility.

I do have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a open lab and when I google my name nothing pops up for me because I do know that jobs do look at all these things so I never sign up with my real name because I cannot be held responsible for what my friends post and that can affect if I can get the job that I am looking to obtain.  I do think it is not ethical to google candidates but I do understand why they do so and that simple off the fact that the employers want to know if the candidate is worth working in their environment and on the other hand they cannot judge somebody off of their Facebook friends.  Like i read in an article that your Facebook friends can effect your credit score and I find that to be completely unbelievable because you have no control over other people and they can’t negatively or positively condemn you based off of who your friends with on a social network.

Late post

Hi everyone, my name is Reynard.  I enjoy traveling and playing sports.  I basically traveled around the world but the only places I haven’t seen yet are India, China and Japan. My favorite sport is basketball, and soccer.  My career goals is to graduate with my bachelors degree in computer information systems and eventually get a job with google.  My experience in city tech is a great one the professors are great and the students are easy to get along with. I kind of didn’t have a summer break this year I worked through the whole summer except for my birthday, where I went to South Carolina with my family.

My strengthens as a writer is that when I like a topic I would really get a lot of information on the topic to have as much details as possible for the reader.  A weakness I have as a writer is if the topic is boring I begin to start writing run on sentences because I’m trying to find things to say but instead of doing so I end up rewriting what I said already.  My dislikes about writing is it begins to bore me after awhile but I like writing about interesting topics like technology or wars.  I don’t really have a background in technology but I do set up wifi, routers, computers, laptops, tablets and phones.  My opinion on technical writing is dealing with the business world and writing emails and letters.  I hope to learn from this class how to create a business letter or even become a very good writer.