Late post

Hi everyone, my name is Reynard.  I enjoy traveling and playing sports.  I basically traveled around the world but the only places I haven’t seen yet are India, China and Japan. My favorite sport is basketball, and soccer.  My career goals is to graduate with my bachelors degree in computer information systems and eventually get a job with google.  My experience in city tech is a great one the professors are great and the students are easy to get along with. I kind of didn’t have a summer break this year I worked through the whole summer except for my birthday, where I went to South Carolina with my family.

My strengthens as a writer is that when I like a topic I would really get a lot of information on the topic to have as much details as possible for the reader.  A weakness I have as a writer is if the topic is boring I begin to start writing run on sentences because I’m trying to find things to say but instead of doing so I end up rewriting what I said already.  My dislikes about writing is it begins to bore me after awhile but I like writing about interesting topics like technology or wars.  I don’t really have a background in technology but I do set up wifi, routers, computers, laptops, tablets and phones.  My opinion on technical writing is dealing with the business world and writing emails and letters.  I hope to learn from this class how to create a business letter or even become a very good writer.