About Me

My name is Brittaney Acevedo this is my third semester at New York City College of Technology. I’m currently studying Communication Design I want to finish my associate’s degree in order to achieve my personal goal of having a bachelor’s degree in web design. Currently, I enjoy working in programs such as adobe Lightroom to edit photo also Photoshop and I recently I gained the skill of alternating between too. I’ve taken photos in my photography class last semester which really got me inspired to upgrade the way I shoot photos. I know the ability to take my own photos might save me money in the industry because I won’t have to buy stock photos from companies like Getty Images.

While being in my major I learned so much about different designers through my classes. These designers helped me learn about art in general, having so many different perspectives. This influenced my recent enjoyment for visiting museums and checking the latest gallery. These recent art exhibits include the New Museum in Manhattan I saw the pixel forest.

In addition, I recently visited The Museum of Modern Art I saw famous artwork by I am constantly looking for new ways to express myself creatively. I find it beneficial to step outside my comfort zone and explore new things which are the reason I seek out new creative expressions. During my free time, I enjoy helping my Twin Sister reconstruct clothing piece this can be considered my new outlet.