Field Trip

I attended the Cooper-Hewitt Museum recently with my digital Foundation class during the field trip we were able to observe a few exhibits taking place that day. The following exhibit was taking place at the time were The Jazz Age, Immersion room, Model and Prototypes gallery and The world of radio. The exhibit I felt that spark an interest for me overall wasThe Jazz Era. I felt like I could really embody the time and relive the 1900’s time period through all the fashion and paintings.

The exhibit had a very nice video display of the music performed during the jazz period it featured popular names like Fat Waller and  Ethel Waters etc. All the artist they previewed in the clip had a very strong facial expression from smiles and frown face. This was a part of the 3rd floor exhibit all the music video were in black and white.

The video above is a perfomance by Fats Waller Similar to the one found at the Copper Hewitt

On the top floor of the Jazz Exhibit there was a door screen display it was the most fincinanting thing to see how percise and elegant it was. Its was crazy to imagine that people during the 1900’s had obtained art like this just to put on simple things such as a door. The warm vibrant color tones really caught my attention at the first glance. I enjoyed getting to the time and effort people take to design the door. It was desgned by Seraphin Soudbine according to the Copper Hewitt museume it was dated to about 1925- 1926.

The  painting to the right is called Door handel







Archibald piece of work was very detalied to capture the essence of that time perid. Throught the oil painting people can really get 1st person point of view. The Jazz aspect was captured here with the trumpets and dancing. Cooper Hewitt explain the scen occuring is that African American relaxing in a night club to be free from what they call “white society”.

CAJ2638302 by Motley, Archibald J., Jr. (1891-1981)